3 Reasons Why Study Tours Are Key To Your Organisation’s Culture

Culture is key to any successful organisation. Over the recent years, research with astonishing figures surfaced on the internet that shows the correlation between culture and an organisation’s performance. To put it simply, culture is no longer a “nice-to-have”, it is an essential success factor.

Organisations have started to shift their views on workplace culture, placing more value on their employees’ wellbeing and mental health. From administering weekly team lunches, flexible workplace programs to wellness programs, there are multiple ways to encourage a more positive culture across the organisation. However, one of the most effective methods is to participate in a study tour with the rest of your team. A study tour is an opportunity for travel and study at the same time. It is a fun and interactive way of learning, gaining new skills while bonding with the rest of your organisation.

Here are three reasons why it’s key to an organisation’s success:

  1. Forming Friendships Within The Organisation Will Improve Culture

When you are constantly in the workplace environment, it is tough to make friendships simply because the structure and stressful nature of work, makes it difficult to form meaningful relationships. Friendships form when there is a commonality between groups or individuals. Being able to leave workplace and experiencing something new for the first time will enable employees to really get to know their colleagues, and form long-lasting relationships.

Do not underestimate the value of friendships in the workplace! Knowing that you are going to work every morning to a group of people you actually enjoy working with is motivating, hence increasing employee productivity. Sharing experiences is the first step to mutual understanding, which will be useful in the future when work-related conflicts arise.

  1. Encourage Collaboration Across Teams and Roles

By placing your team in a learning environment, rather than a traditionally “competitive” and stressful environment, like the workplace, they are in a position where they are able to freely help others. When you are just trying to learn something for the first time, there is no hierarchy. This means it will allow employees to connect more with their superiors and others around them.

Moreover, inviting teams outside your department will allow the teams to understand each other. Often, conflict and animosity arises when people do not communicate with each other. Silo’ed organisations often struggle with this, due to its structure. Study tours can break these barriers down to create a more collaborative environment, even across departments.

  1. Happy Employees will Boost Productivity

Last but not least, research shows that employee happiness will increase productivity. An experiment conducted in 2015 shows that there is between a 12%-20% increase in workplace productivity compared to those that are unhappy with their workplace.

While conducting one study tour will not immediately change the way they feel about work, they will definitely be grateful for your gesture. Employees will recognise that a study tour is not a small investment and that the organisation is willing to invest in their current employees’ growth and education.

A Study Tour is a Small Investment for a Better Future

The benefits of study tours, as outlined above, compared to the cost of conducting one, is marginal. Invest in the employees you already have, increase the retention rate and save money on retraining new employees. This will not only improve efficiency, it will also increase organisational knowledge in the business.

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