Reasons Why You Need To Do A Study Tour

A Study Tour is exactly what it sounds like. It is an interactive way to learn. You could learn about anything. From parliamentary systems in Italy, Food and Wine Industry in France, Dutch’s Water Management System, as well as learning about culture in different countries in Europe. It allows you to study, meet new people from other departments and industries and get firsthand experience at the same time. If you are looking for a team building activity that will actually work and help them learn something new, Study Tours are a great choice.

Interactive and Effective Learning

The aim of a Study Tour, of course, is to learn and gain new skills and knowledge. Wave goodbye to boring presentations or long seminars. Study Tours take you beyond the classrooms or meeting rooms so that you get hands-on learning experience. At our most recent Study Tour on Food and Wine, participants were able to not only study about French’s famous food and wine producers but also able to experience the taste of locally made cheese, olives and pastries. In addition, cooking classes were also available as part of the tour.

Our next Study Tour is dedicated to learning about the Dutch Parliamentary System. As you can tell, Study Tours are designed for clients’ specific needs and can range from a variety of subjects.

Immerse in a Different Culture

Beyond the subject of the Study Tour, the fact that you are placed in a different environment is truly rewarding. Experiencing a different culture is eye-opening!

Whether it would be learning about how various government institutions work or reshaping your views and values by experiencing a different culture, Study Tours are so much more than just learning a new skill.

Go Back to Work Re-Energised

Of course, the main reason you are doing a Study Tour is to gain new experiences, new skills and knowledge to take home with you. Employees will come back to work re-energised feeling fulfilled, educated and filled with new ideas. Studies show that organisations that provide personal development and good culture increase employee retention rates. It is a small price to pay for long-term success and contentment in the organisation.

Are you ready to join a Study Tour? Please contact us to enquire about our next available Study Tours. EuroTafe Education’s Study Tours are tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs and can include airport transfer, accommodation, learning resources, private tours and specific needs such as halal meals. Feel free to contact us for any other queries or for more information.